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Are you in need of help with your tax matters? Glen E. Frost is an experienced Northern Virginia Tax Attorney and former forensic accountant who can solve your tax problems regardless of size or scope. He is experienced in resolving both personal income and business tax controversies at the state and federal level. With a comprehensive understanding of tax rules and regulations, Mr. Frost can advise you of the best way to approach your tax problem and will work to achieve the best outcome in your case.

How Should You Choose Your Virginia Tax Attorney?

You should consider the following factors before choosing your lawyer:


Different lawyers charge different amounts, and although the amount an attorney charges for his services can usually be attributed to his experience, this is not always the case. Larger firms may charge higher fees simply because of their name and reputation but may not provide better legal services than an attorney at a smaller firm. Additionally, different lawyers may have different fee structuring. In tax cases, it is common for the attorney’s fee to be hourly, however, some attorneys may charge a flat fee for a predictable case if they believe they can estimate the cost. Even an attorney who charges by the hour may be able to estimate the time and thereby the cost of your case.


Is a lawyer’s office located near your home or place of business? This will help you to decide whether to hire that lawyer, not only for convenience’s sake but because a lawyer in your state will often be more familiar with your state’s tax laws than a lawyer without an office in Virginia. Keep in mind that visiting the attorney’s office may not be necessary, and emails, phone calls, and faxes are often more than adequate substitution for in-person attorney/client meetings.


Once you retain an attorney, you and your attorney will have attorney/client privilege. This means that you can and should be comfortable in telling your attorney about all things relevant to your case, no matter how personal. Establishing a relationship with your attorney will save time by getting all details of the case out in the open. It is important that you trust your attorney and feel comfortable telling him/her about your life and tax problems so that the attorney can more easily solve your tax problems.


You should take the attorney’s education and experience into account when making a decision about which attorney will best help you resolve your tax issues. Clearly, an educated and experienced attorney will often be more capable of solving tax problems than one with limited education and experience. You should also find out whether the lawyer has ever worked on cases similar to yours, because this can make solving your case a smoother process.

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